How To Play Bunker Shots

When you are stood over the ball in a Bunker…

Do You think about Duffing It?

Maybe You worry If you’re going to thin it through the Green

Perhaps you worry you’re going to take a load of sand but not get out of the Bunker

Maybe you take three or four shots to get out of the bunker, every – single – time!

Don’t Despair – Whatever result you currently achieve when you hit a Bunker shot


You’ve probably already had to play a bunker shot at some point during your golfing career.

Bunker shots can be tricky and challenging, but they also offer plenty of rewards for those who are able to master them.

The key is understanding the different types of bunker shots that there are as well as the best strategy for each type.

This coaching course will take you through the fundamentals of the bunker shot and will help you to become a more accomplished player capable of playing great bunker shots

We will look at the techniques and set ups for playing the shot and we will be playing both Fairway Bunkers and Greenside bunkers

Like all things in golf, you only get out of the game what you put in to it, so be sure to practice what you learn so that you can elevate your game to the next level

Happy Golfing

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