How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Under Over Drill


In a quest to fix the slice I talk a lot about trying to approach the clubhead on a shallow a plane from inside to out.

There is a danger that you can over do this. If you take the club away from the ball too much on the inside in your efforts to try and get this inside approach.

There is a possibility that you will try and get the club on a better plane so then you start coming over the top even more. So it’s a bit of a situation where you can try and fix a problem and then make it even worse.

So you’ve got to be careful that you sometimes you don’t over exaggerate this. Especially if you’ve got a very small slice, you don’t want to be as aggressive in trying to fix it.

So this is really what I mean. I’ve set up a shaft in the ground here. Just to show you what I mean with the actual plane of the swing being to aggressive on the inside to start.

Now if I’m setting up my shaft of the club is pretty similar to this angle. If I’m thinking right, I’ve got to approach the ball from the inside. So I start to take the club too much underneath the plane.

So when I get up to the top as I swing down the shaft of the club will start to try and re-route itself to get back on the proper plane.

Now in doing so the momentum of that will probably take it over even further and your back to the same problem of actually cutting across the ball out to in in and getting this slice.

So be very very careful in your attempt to fix a slice that you don’t actually over do it to much.

So the plane of the swing needs to be fairly similar where it’s going back and it’s not as aggressive and it’s not going to be to much inside. Because then you’re just going to re-route the club and it’s going to go straight over the top.

So see if you can get it to go back and through on a similar plane so it’s not as aggressive. Just be very very careful that you don’t  over cook this sort of thing.

It’s very easy and it might work for a little while and then before you know it you over do it and then it get’s worse and you start hitting the ground before the ball. Sort of topping it and the clubhead is coming inside to much so be very careful and good luck.