A Holistic Approach To Better Golf


Other aspects to improvements

A holistic approach to better shots really means focusing on other elements that can be improved, other than the actual movement of hitting the golf ball. 

These are your Critical Success Factors

I use this tool and I find it helps me generate a much greater awareness of my actions throughout the day.

Try and think of 3-5 things you could start doing now which are not related to your swing technique but will help you become a better golfer.  How would you like improve yourself?

Here’s how it works.

The idea is that for each of the 3-5 disciplines, you give yourself a rating or a simple yes or no answer at the end of each day to whether you have achieved it or not. 

Do this every day for a month then reassess each discipline. 

You will need to be flexible and change some or all of them each month depending on how well you have done. 

Here are my current 5 disciplines:

  • Cups of tea and coffee (how many per day)
  • Posture Awareness (0-10 rating)
  • Eat a piece of fruit before midday
  • Fitness Training (exercise) (yes or no)
  • Drink 1 litre water per day (yes or no)

As you can see, these are related to improving my lifestyle by monitoring my caffeine intake, increasing my current water intake and generally being healthier.

All will undoubtedly move me towards playing better golf as I will be in better physical shape to do it and feel better about myself. 

This tool helps us reinforce these areas by having daily awareness of them which will eventually become automatic. 

If we fail to consistently reinforce them they will eventually dissipate.

Happy Golfing

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