Slowing it Down In The Putting Stroke


The Benefits of Slowing Down

Making a good putt is all about timing and rhythm.

It’s important to take the time to settle into your putting stroke so you can make a smooth, unhurried swing.

Slowing down your putting stroke has many benefits that will help you sink more putts.

When you arrive at the green, take a few moments to settle yourself, control your breathing and become more quiet in your mind so that you have a better chance of making a smooth, unhurried putting stroke.

This will ultimately mean a better chance of making the putt.

Taking deep breaths helps calm nerves and relaxes the body which can help improve accuracy and consistency with each shot.

It’s also important to slow down because a quick or rushed shot can affect accuracy and distance control.

When your body is tense or hurried, it’s harder to maintain balance throughout the putting stroke which makes it more difficult for you to get consistent contact with the clubface on the ball, resulting in poorer putts.

By slowing down and taking time to setup properly before each putt, you give yourself more time to focus on your technique

You’ll be able to make sure every aspect of your stance is correct before hitting the ball – from foot placement, arm positioning and even grip pressure – giving yourself a better chance of success each putt.

So remember – slow down – take some deep breaths – assess all aspects of every situation – then go ahead & hit that perfect putt!