How to Fix A Golf Slice With The Shoulders Closed To Target Drill


Here’s a neat swing thought you can have when your practicing your swing or even when you’re out on the golf course to cure that slice and to try and promote this inside to out swing path.

That would be on the down swing to try and keep your shoulder back and keep your shoulders closed to your intending target line.

So when you actually make your downswing, you keep your shoulders pointing to the right of target. So you’re really keeping your shoulders close to your target line so they don’t open up.

If your shoulders open up it’s going to promote that clubhead coming over the top which is what we try and avoid. So keep the shoulders close so on impact the shoulders are actually pointing to the right of your target.

You’ve got to be quite aggressive with this one and keep the shoulders closed to the target line and then the clubhead will overtake and it will hit from the inside and it will hopefully get rid of your slice and maybe get a bit of a draw going.