How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Shirt Buttons Drill


What I was practicing there is a great kind of way to try and make sure you get the clubhead again approaching the ball from the inside. Maybe get a bit of draw shape and eradicate any slicing movements.

Now a lot of people suffer with keeping too still. There head position they get it fixed that your head isn’t allowed to move.

Now your head is a very heavy part of the body but it does need a little bit of lateral movement from side to side which promotes a much better body turn. Then we can start approaching with the clubhead from the inside path if we get good rotation.

If you stay to still with the head it tends to promote a bit of lifting and a it of a steep angle of attack on the ball which again is just promoting that slicing action that we really want to try and avoid.

The drill I was just doing there is actually one way of getting your shirt buttons to go above your right thigh when you swing back. That ensures everything just switches sort of back behind the ball slightly so it doesn’t stay too static.

If I could show you just from front on.

I’m in my address position here and all I’m trying to do as I make a back swing is just actually get my shirt buttons to go directly above my right thigh.

If you watch my head it doesn’t stay centred. I actually get a little bit of movement. That movement is still giving me rotation with the hips.

I’m not sliding with everything but still rotating so if you can turn those shirt buttons on top of your right thigh that gets everything behind the ball so as I start down I can approach from an inside attack.

Now if I stay to centred. You can see how it becomes a little bit lifty and the club starts chopping down on the ball. From this way I don’t get those shirt buttons moving back.

The club starts coming down to steep on the ball and again it’s going to give that slight out to in motion which promotes the slice.

If I get those shirt buttons behind and on top of my right thigh. Now I’ve really turned behind the ball.

My head is even behind the ball slightly and I’m in a good rotation and as I swing down you can see that the club is going to approach from the inside and that’s going to get you a much better ball flight and get rid of that slicy motion.