How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Right Hand Right Thigh Drill


Now on the golf course you can develop a decent pre-shot routine to try and promote this inside approach with the clubhead on the ball to get rid of the cut in from out to in with the clubhead.

Here’s an idea for you now that you can develop as a right handed golfer using your right hand to promote the correct kind of path into the ball.

So I’m going to run through a little routine here where when I’m walking to the ball I’m going to use my right hand and use it close to my right thigh so I’m promoting when I come to make the swing.

My right hand is doing exactly the same and  moving very close to my right thigh.  So there’s no right or wrong with pre-shot routines but this one could be a good one to help you eradicate your slice.

So here we go.

I’m just seeing my shot now. You can see that I’ve got my left hand already positioned on the club so I can see where I’m going and coming to address the ball.

Now take my right hand off and then I’m going to put it back on again. So all I’m doing is trying to promote my right hand coming close to my right thigh with this inside approach.

I wouldn’t want my hand to come on to the club from here. Always on from underneath here. So in from behind close to the right thigh.

When you come to hit the ball you can maybe just do that a couple of times. You might even want to do that as you walk into the ball. So, we’ll try and do them both on this one.

  • So I’ve got my left hand grip
  • See where I want the ball to go
  • Now I’m just walking in

There we go.

So there’s no hint of slice on that one at all. None of this ball shape going a little bit left to right.

So that can just help you promote that inside attack on the golf ball which we want to hit some straight or even a slight bit of draw on those shots.