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Developing A Pre-Shot Putting Routine


Developing the Perfect Pre-Shot Putting Routine

If you are constantly looking for ways to improve your performance on the golf course.

One of the most important skills you can develop is a pre-shot putting routine. A pre-shot putting routine helps golfers to focus and develop consistency in their game.

Let’s take a look at how you can craft and use a pre-shot putting routine to help you make more putts

Start With Visualisation

Visualisation is one of the most important elements in any good pre-shot routine.

It involves picturing in your mind how you want your shot to turn out and visualising yourself executing it perfectly.

This helps to prime your brain for success, and also gives your body a mental blueprint of what it needs to do when it’s time to hit the ball.

It may sound simple, but visualisation takes practice and discipline to master.

Before attempting any putt, take some time to visualize yourself making the perfect putt.

Visualize every step of your putting stroke, from set up all the way through impact and follow through – right down to where you want that ball to go.

Deep Breathing

The next element of a great pre-shot routine is deep breathing.

Deep breathing is not only beneficial for calming nerves before hitting a shot (especially if it’s an important one!), but it also helps with developing timing, rhythm during swings as well as improving focus throughout each round of golf.

Before each putt, take some slow breaths – focusing on taking long breaths in through the nose, holding them for about two seconds before slowly exhaling through the mouth – until you feel calm yet energised enough to make your putt.

This will help mentally prepare you for whatever lies ahead on the green.

Practice Your Routine

Once you have developed your own personalised pre-shot putting routine based on these steps (or any others that work best for you), practice implementing this process every time before making a swing or stroke during practice rounds or even during actual competitions!

Doing this will help ensure that proper form is maintained throughout each round while reducing any potential stress or anxiety associated with certain shots or situations – ultimately leading to more consistent putts & better overall scores!

Final Thoughts

Having a reliable pre-shot putting routine can be incredibly helpful in helping amateur golfers stay focused and consistent.

Start by incorporating visualisation techniques into every putt along with mindful breathing exercises prior to each putt.

Then practice this process often so that it becomes second nature once you are out on the course!

By doing so, you can expect improved performance and more enjoyable rounds of golf.

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