Practice Putting With Your Eyes Closed


A great way to increase your feel on the green when you putt is to practice with your eyes closed!

Taking your sense of sight away will heighten your other senses including your feel.

Another great by-product of putting with your eyes closed is that it forces you to keep your body very still when you make the stroke.

Any unwanted movement could cause a complete miss hit or even stubbing the putter head into the ground.

Here’s how it works….Start with a flat putt of about 6 to 8 feet in length.

Go through your normal putting routine and make a few practice strokes with your eyes open as usual.

Address the ball as normal, close your eyes and go ahead and make the putt.

Keep those eyes closed throughout and listen for the ball to drop in the hole.

Still keeping those eyes closed and (if you don’t hear it drop in) tell yourself where you think the ball has finished.

For example do you feel it has finished short and to the left or maybe long and to the right.

Now open your eyes and see if you were wright or wrong with your estimation.

With a little practice at this you should soon be getting most or if not all of your answers correct, improving your steadiness and distance control.

Work up to some longer putts and start to make them more challenging with some big breaks.

Practice this for just 20 minutes a week and you will keep on top of your putting and become more consistent.

You could even take this practice drill one step further and attempt to use it on the course.

If you are conscious of your playing partners thinking you have gone mad, just wear your sunglasses – they will never know!