The Power Of Decisions


Act on it

You have already made the first step by getting reading this article

Let’s take a look at this in further detail.

Making decisions can be very powerful and put you on the road to change instantly.

Many times people say they would like to hit the ball longer or straighter off the tee or “you know I would really like to be more consistent”

These types of sayings are merely statements or a wish list which they would like to happen.  This is not the power of a decision. 

A true decision is a long term commitment to something that is consistently acted upon.

You are reading this now so you have already made a statement and acted upon it because you wanted to drive the ball better. 

It is now within your power to do this as you have the information within this page to go ahead and act on it with commitment and consistency.

It’s not what has happened to your swing in the past or even how it is at the moment.  It is your ability to make a decision, act on it, with long term focus on the right areas.

This course gives you those tools to drive it better.  Use them but above all commit to it long term. 

Quality repetition is the key to skill.

Keep making good decisions.

Think about all the other departments of your game that are probably on your current wish list. 

I believe you can achieve almost anything you want to within your golf game.

Happy Golfing

Rich & Steve