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Using Positive Language To Play Better Golf


Be the golfer you wish to become

The Secret to Great Golf – Talk the Talk to Walk the Walk – you must be the golfer you wish to become.

Be careful how you talk to yourself. 

Beating yourself up over a bad shot will undoubtedly compound the problem changing your emotions to negative and affecting your physiology (body language) this will affect the whole posture and positiveness of your Pre Shot Routine. 

Each bad word you call yourself just re-affirms to your brain that this is true.  

You say it enough and you will start to believe it even when it’s not true.

Ninja Tip

It is better to be emotionally neutral if you hit a bad shot and disassociate yourself from it

On the flip side, if you hit an awesome one positively emotionalise it! 

Even use a certain movement or word in recognition of it. 

Send only good signals to your brain.

Don’t turn a great shot into a none event with no response!

Over time your outlook will become much more positive on the course as you consistently send positive and not negative signals to your brain. 

If you dwell on a certain mistake your brain can re-think that action over 500 times in one day so no wonder your confidence can become very poor very quickly. 

This is often why people also have particular holes on specific courses that they always hit a bad drive.  The memory of their mistake will be re-affirmed hundreds of times by dwelling on it.

Happy Golfing

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