Improve Your Putting with the Ladder Drill


Practice Putting With The Ladder Drill

Are you looking to improve your putting game?

The ladder drill is a great way to develop your concentration and accuracy when putting.

This drill requires you to hit each putt in order, starting with the putt nearest the hole.

If you miss a putts at any point, it needs to go past the hole, but not far enough past that it hits the flag stick, then you have to start over again.

Not only does this drill help build confidence, but it also makes for an exciting competition each time you practice.

Read on to learn more about the ladder drill!

How Does It Work?

The ladder drill challenges players to make as many consecutive putts as possible, starting from the closest one and working up towards those further away.

Six balls should be placed 12 inches apart from each other in a line so that they get progressively more difficult for the player.

The flag stick (or golf club, alignment stick) should be placed about a yard, or a putters length behind the hole.

The objective is to make all six putts

but if you miss the putt and hit the flag stick, or leave the ball short of the hole, then you have to start over.

You should do the drill quite quickly and not dwell over the putts, this will help you become more instinctive with your putting, this is less about technique and more about getting the right pace on the ball

As a fun challenge, see how far down the “ladder” of putts you can go in just one attempt per day, this will definitely get your competitive juices flowing!

What Are Its Benefits Of Using The Ladder Drill?

This drill is great for improving focus and concentration when putting, as it replicates the pressure of needing to make a putt that could win a match or competition.

What’s more, this is a great way to increase self-confidence; as players make more and more putts in a row they will gradually develop goals for themselves and strive to beat their personal record each time they practice.

It’s also an enjoyable way to gauge your progress over time, and have some fun while doing it!

Final Thoughts

Overall, practising with the ladder drill can be both fun and beneficial for any golfers looking to improve their putting.

By challenging yourself daily—with just one attempt—you can work on building confidence and focus while having some friendly competition along the way.

If you’re looking for an effective way to hone your putting skills while having some fun too, look no further than the ladder drill!