Key Stage Five of The Golf Swing


Swing Completion, holding a solid and balanced finish

Always try to get a balanced finish with a minimum of 90% of your body weight on your left side, evenly positioned between your heel and ball of your leading foot.

Being mindful of holding a balanced finish for at least 3 seconds will help to encourage you to complete your swing and keep that head speed up and increase your control and distance.

A great finish position and rhythm will be a bi-product of linking all the other keys together.

The reverse is also true.

The more you work on holding the correct finish for a few seconds regardless of the outcome of the shot it will encourage a better motion that has gone before it.

Particularly with the driver, you may also develop what is known as recoil. This is a bi-product of creating greater club head speed through impact and beyond.

With such power going through impact it’s tough to hold your finish so this recoil or bounce back action is perfectly natural and is where the club is brought back down in front of you at your finish. If this recoil starts to happen don’t fight against it.

It’s good proof of generating great club head speed and acceleration.

PGA Pro Richard Lawless teaching key stage 5 of the golf swing

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