How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Initial Movement Drill


Now, the initial movement away from the ball can be very very important to getting the correct angle attack as you come through.

If you start in a good position the rest of it will start to get much better. Now, the first initial few kind of inches away from the ball is very very important in

the fact that I want you to try and make sure that the clubhead or the whole club itself is very light.

If you take the clubhead away from the ball incorrectly it will become quite heavy. Even the forearm muscles will start to just be engaged to early which really means that you’ll probably pick the club up and away from the ball which instantly you’ve promoted this slicing action.

So when you take the club away from the ball. It needs to be very very slow so you don’t get out of position. Swing can obviously increase your speed so you get up to your top of your back swing but the first maybe six inches needs to be very very slow and controlled.

Get the feeling that your club is very light and that you’re not engaging the forearm muscles at all. Obviously grip pressure comes into this. Make sure your grip pressure isn’t overly tight either.

So if I’m going to address the ball now. In that position there my arms and my hands are quite relaxed. Now as I take the club away from the ball you can see how everything is moving together. A little bit of my chest, my arms. The relationship hasn’t really changed for those first maybe six to eight inches.

Now the club doesn’t feel any heavier than it does there, it feels exactly the same. If you start lifting the club up taking it away incorrectly you will engage these muscles to soon and the club is then on the wrong path straight away. So you’ve got to start as a means to go on.

You’ve got to get this correct. Spend time having a very slow deliberate movement away from the ball keeping your arms, your chest and the clubheads relationship all the same and then hopefully the swing will then develop where you don’t actually need to then lift  the club up or bring it back over the top and will get that slicing action.

So start as you mean to go on and work very very hard on that initial movement so the clubhead travels very very slightly on the inside, inside the balls target line and the clubhead, your arms and the relationship and the weight of the club as well all stays exactly the same as it was at address.