How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Hit To The Right Drill


Now, if you are a slicer of the golf ball often you know the golf ball is going to go out to the right and get that slicing action. So you end up aiming further left to counter act it or you start changing your body mechanics to try and fix this.

Where in actual fact I want you to try and hit further to the right.

So although the ball’s finishing to the right. I want you to hit the ball to the right so you can promote the very very aggressive in to out swing path instead of this out to in where we get the clockwise spin on the golf ball.

I’m going to set myself up and do a few swings and I’m really exaggerating that movement and get in your mind that you want to hit the ball at least thirty to forty yards right of target.

Your brain will be telling you not to but you’ve got to trust it and see if you can hit the ball out to the right. So that will change the path of the clubhead and subsequently the ball flight itself.

Obviously when you do this make sure there’s not any danger out to the right in case you happen to push one. But if you’re on a safe environment, nice big driving range then you can really have a go at this one and be very very aggressive with it.

So, here we go.

So you’ve made the back swing and as you come down you’re really going to try and feel that you’ve hit the ball at least thirty to forty yards to the right.

You can see how aggressive that clubhead is going from in to out. Remember, in to out club path will get rid of your slice so be really aggressive with it and trust that the ball probably won’t go to the right.

If you get it correct, the ball won’t go that far right. It will just start pretty straight because we’re counter acting what your currently doing at the moment. So be really aggressive with it and see what happens.