How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Headcover Drill


I’m going to use the head cover of my golf club to give me a little bit of feedback of whether I’m actually improving my angle of attack on the golf ball and my path of the clubhead as it comes in.

I want that slight inside approach on the golf ball obviously to get rid of the slice. I don’t want the out to in path.

So I’m going to use the head cover of my wood here and I’m going to put it on the floor. If the clubhead touches the head cover at all on the way through or even on the way back I know that I’m actually out of position. So it gives me instant feedback so you can then address the problem and take it from there.

So, place the head cover down. This is my line of attack here. I’ve put the head cover down slightly behind the ball.

Is it going to stay there?

I’ve actually got it angled very very slightly inwards inside my balls target line. So it’s going to promote me taking the clubhead back slightly on the inside. Because the first few inches is very important because remember the swing is a bit of a start as you mean to go on.

Lot’s of chain reactions so if you start correctly by taking the clubhead very very gently on the inside of the ball, it’s going to promote everything else getting in a better position so you can approach the ball from the inside of the clubhead.

So when you’re in here. The clubhead moves slightly back on the inside. If it goes up and away you’ll probably glance the head cover. Now the better you get at this the closer you can start to position the head cover to the clubhead.

So start off a little bit further away. Get a little bit of confidence to start moving the head cover in towards the ball so you can really be quite precise with this and then get that clubhead approaching on the correct path.