How To Fix Your Golf Slice

When you are stood over the ball with your Club in your Hand…

Do You think about Slicing The Ball?

Maybe You worry If you’re going to hit people on the next fairway?

Perhaps you hit shorter shots on purpose so you don’t slice the ball as much.

Maybe you aim further left to counter-act your slice.

Don’t Despair – Whatever result you currently achieve when you hit a shot


In this series I’m going to show you lots of different ways that will help understand how to fix a golf slice.

But the first thing you need to know is that a slice, for a right handed golfer, is a ball that starts left of target and finishes right of target.

Too many golfers that I talk to say they are slicing the ball but actually they are probably pushing the ball or push slicing the ball.

Which is a ball flight that starts right of target straight away, for a right handed golfer, and maybe even curves off further to the right.

So be sure that that’s the ball flight that you’ve got at the moment, if you want to fix your slice, so that it starts left of target and goes to the right.

I’m going to give you plenty of ways in which you can fix your slice. Now all of these do the same sort of thing and they’ll get the club approaching the ball and a better path to give you a better ball flight.

So go through them. There’s probably one that suits you more so than others.

But give them all a try and see if you can find the best one for you and we’ll start to fix your slice.

How To Fix A Golf Slice Coaching Videos

Each of these different drills will help you understand how to fix a golf slice