Formulating A Plan For Your Golf Game


Fail to plan, prepare to fail

How fast you develop your new swing motion depends a lot on the amount of quality time you put into it. 

You get out of it what you put into it!? 

Practice makes permanent is so true. 

You can appreciate how just by randomly hitting balls at the range has no real value or purpose. 

It is only engraving existing pathways to the brain. 

You need to go to the practice range with a specific goal or goals set out. 

Decide which key stage or combination of key stages you will be working on for any given practice session. 

Formulating a structured practice schedule will help plan your route to success. 

How can you expect to reach your desired destination without a map of how you are going to get their?  Like a lot of golfers many don’t have much time to practice. 

Warming up before you play has been scientifically proven to improve performance so try to give yourself a little extra time to do this. 

Remember if you want a PAR down the 1st you must have PAR

  • Pre
  • Activity
  • Readiness

Happy Golfing

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