The Fear Of Change


You are in control

Most golfers have a fear of change. 

It sounds strange but is unfortunately very common. 

Plenty of golfers have good intentions to go and do something about improving their swing but fear of getting worse before you get better stops them in their tracks. 

“How can I possibly have a lesson and next weekend when I play with my friends they will all know I had a lesson and will laugh at me or make fun of me.” 

The reality is they are only really worried about their own game. 

It is normally all clean banter but deep down it does affect you. 

The beauty of learning at your own pace via this e-course is that if you don’t want your friends to know you are trying to improve, they never need to know. 

You are in control of who you tell.  Also a fear of going to your local pro and wanting a quick fix and ending up with a complete swing rebuild. 

What you want is very important. 

There is no problem to attempt everything and give you the best possible chance to get a single digit swing.  If you don’t really want that it’s no problem, do what you can, it’s possible that within this course lies something on it’s own that will help improve your driving.

If you spend money on a single lesson, get worse for 2-3 weeks as you have not had time to practise but within that time you have played each weekend with your friends and it’s been the worst golf of your life.  Then you don’t go back to the pro for a follow up lesson.

The truth is you need to re-affirm what you are doing and keep moving on.  This can also be extremely costly, especially if you forget what you have been taught and keep going back for the same refresher lesson.

Happy Golfing

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