Improve Your Putting with the Eyes Closed Drill


Practice Putting With The Eyes Closed Drill

If you want to improve your putting skills, the eyes closed drill is a great way to get started.

This drill involves taking your sense of vision out of the equation and focusing instead on heightening your feel for the club, feeling the motion you’re making, and visualising in your mind the putt you’ll make.

This drill can help you increase your accuracy and distance control when putting.

How To Do The Eyes Closed Drill

To perform this drill, set up as you usually would and go through your normal routine.

It’s best to use balls that are around five feet from the hole so there is enough time for them to deviate on the green but also enough time for you to be able to predict where they have gone before reopening your eyes.

Just before making the putting stroke, close your eyes.

With each attempt, focus on feeling what motion your body is making while keeping your head steady throughout.

It’s important not to sway or move your body too much as this will affect how far or close you are from getting it into the hole.

Over time, practising with this drill will aid in improving both accuracy and distance control in putting.

When you open your eyes again, take note of whether or not the ball has gone in the direction that you were expecting it to go.

If it did, then great!

You know that what you felt in terms of weight and motion was correct.

If it didn’t go as expected, then note what felt different or wrong—this will give you insight into what needs adjusting or improving in order for you to make successful putts more often.

The key here is practice

As with anything else related to golf, repetition is essential for success when practicing with this drill.

With each repetition comes knowledge about yourself and how you respond under pressure and without sight; use this information improve how well you play!

Practising putting with the eyes closed drill is a great way for amateur golfers to work on improving their putting skills without worrying about visual cues getting in their way.

This drill allows you to focus on feeling what motion you are making while making your putting stroke, as well as becoming more aware of how hard or soft you need to hit a putt depending on its length

Give it a try today and start seeing an improvement in no time, but you’ll need to open your eyes for that part!