How To Drive For Show

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When you are stood over a tee shot with Driver in Your Hand…

Do You think about Duffing It?

Would you like to stop slicing or hooking the ball?

Maybe you take three off the tee more than you’d care to remember!

Would you like to add distance to your drives and hit them longer and straighter, more often?

Don’t Despair – Whatever result you currently achieve


Welcome to Drive for Show

Consistently hitting long drives and splitting the fairway is a high priority on anyone’s wish list. 

The aura and sense of achievement that surrounds good drives somewhat overshadows other elements of the game. 

The fact is driving off the tee accounts to about 25% of your game and if the ball isn’t in play its tough to improve your scores. 

With this in mind, my first goal was to portray my swing beliefs and share with you important information I have accumulated in my role as a Professional Golf Coach.

Being able to hit the driver well requires a quality action and great timing.

When you hit a golf ball, one thing always remains constant and that is the 5 Laws and these represent how the club head is delivered to the ball at impact.  

These laws are what cause the ball flight and spin.

  • Law 1 – Club head path though impact
  • Law 2 – Angle of attack
  • Law 3 – Club face angle – open, square or closed
  • Law 4 – Strike on club face heel, center or toe
  • Law 5 – Club head speed

If we therefore work on improving these Laws by changing how the club is travelling around your body it will improve the ball flight.

I believe each position during the swing is only as good as the position or movement that has gone before it.  Linking these positions seamlessly together and creating a powerful, rhythmical and free flowing swing.

As you travel on your journey to improving your own game with Drive For Show, be assured I will be with you in spirit and also continuing my journey in the search to find more ways to make this wonderful game easier to play throughout all its facets.

Good luck and happy driving

Rich & Steve

the golf grip

The Grip

The MOST important part. Get this right and the rest of the course will be easier.

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balance and power set up in the golf swing

The Balance & Power Set Up

Getting into a powerful position not only helps increase your distance off the tee but also helps ease the stress on your body

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core strength in the golf swing

Core Strength

An area often over looked by amateur golfers but can give you the MOST benefit.

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Core Strength In The Golf Swing

aiming the golf club the right way

Aiming The Right Direction

As the driver is very long in length it can be quite difficult to align the face and your body correctly, as the ball is a good distance away from you causing your optics to change.

Make Sure You Aim The Right Way

Using the right equipment in golf

A Word About Equipment

I’ve seen it all too often that a player will get a driver or club fitting before building a solid swing.

Build the swing then go for a fitting.

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key stage one in the golf swing

Key Stage One

The Take Back, creating the all important first link.

With a great set-up this move can prove to be simple.

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key stage two in the golf swing

Key Stage Two

It’s surprising how much time you have to do this

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key stage three in the golf swing

Key Stage Three

Slotting the club into place.

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key stage four in the golf swing

Key Stage Four

What you MUST do just after impact for best results

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key stage five in the golf swing

Key Stage Five

Holding a solid and balanced finish to drive with more power.

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ground force in the golf swing

Ground Force

This is where you hit for max power, distance, and accuracy

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speed ratios in the golf swing

Speed Ratios

It’s all about the timing & this shows you how to get the timing right

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Speed Ratios

linking mind and body in the golf swing

Linking Your Mind & Body

It’s time to trust your swing and let it happen naturally

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positive language in the golf swing

Using Positive Language

How to talk to your inner self so you don’t beat yourself up and play poorly

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creating habits in golf

Creating Good Habits

Practice makes permanent, not perfect.

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formulating a plan in golf

Formulating A Plan

To be the Golfer you want to be, you need to plan how to do it.

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holistic approach in golf

Taking A Holistic Approach

Playing good golf is not just about making a good swing

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the fear of change in golf

The Fear of Change

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the power of decisions in golf

The Power Of Decisions

Making decisions can be very powerful and put you on the road to change instantly.

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