Becoming Instinctive In The Putting Stroke


Instinctively Improve Your Putting Stroke

Are you tired of missing those short putts on the green? It can be incredibly frustrating to miss a putt that looks like a sure thing.

Yet, with enough practice, you can develop an instinctive putting stroke that will help you sink more putts and shave strokes off your golf game!

The Basics of the Putting Stroke

One of the most important factors in becoming instinctive in your putting stroke is understanding the basics.

You should begin by learning how to accurately read a putt and then use the appropriate amount of force when striking the ball.

Most amateur golfers tend to hit too hard, resulting in their ball either rolling too far or not far enough.

To counteract this, practice using different levels of force until you find one that feels natural.

This is often where having an experienced coach or playing partner comes into play; they can help provide feedback and guidance for your practice sessions.

Developing Muscle Memory

Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals of your putting stroke, it’s time to work on developing muscle memory.

Muscle memory means that you don’t have to think about each step involved with your swing; instead, it becomes second nature and you can focus on making better decisions while playing rather than worrying about technique.

Start by repeating drills over and over until they become automatic. That way when it’s time to make a putt, all you have to do is trust what your body already knows how to do instinctively.

Regular Practice Will Help You Become Instinctive

The best way to become instinctive in your putting stroke is by practicing regularly.

Set aside specific times each week where you focus entirely on honing your skills on the green.

Put yourself under pressure, so that when out on the course or during competitions, everything feels familiar and comfortable even if the situation is new or stressful.

Putt from various angles, distances and conditions; this will help keep things fresh and allow for more accurate practice sessions since real-life situations are rarely similar each time around.

Finally, take notes after each practice session so that you have something tangible to reference as needed throughout future rounds of golf!

Final Thoughts

Becoming instinctive in your putting stroke takes practice but is worth every minute spent improving!

Start small by mastering fundamentals such as reading putts and using appropriate force when striking the ball before graduating onto developing muscle memory through repetition drills and taking notes after each session for further review later on down the road.

With enough dedication and effort, soon enough you’ll be sinking more putts than ever before!