How To Fix A Golf Slice With The Back To Target Drill


Here’s a really good practice drill that you can use to really aggressively promote this inside attack of the golf ball.

Now this will be where instead of setting up conventionally side on to the target. We’re going to set up with our back facing the target and still hit the ball towards your target.

I’m going to run through it in a minute to clarify what I mean with this. But this is a really aggressive way to get that clubhead approaching from the inside and hopefully when you practice this, you’ll get a little bit of a draw shape on the golf ball.

So that ball flight will be a great indicator for you to whether  you’re getting this right or not.

So here we go.

My intended target is directly this way. This would be a normal set up. Now, I’m just going to spin myself round so that my back is now facing the target.

So I’m going to play a shot from here and the clubhead will aggressively come from the inside. Almost role the club over and hopefully I’ll see a little bit of a draw shape on the golf ball because it will get rid of this coming across.

There we go.

I got a great little draw shape on that one. So it really promoted that in to out path with the clubhead and actually got a bit of rotation with the club as well which got a little bit of draw shape on it.

It’s a great flight to see especially after you’ve been hitting a lot of sliced shaped shots.

It’s really good for the mind if you can suddenly see the ball flight going the other way. It will give you some great inspiration to carry on and get rid of your slice once and for all.