Aiming The Right Direction With The Driver


As the driver is very long in length it can be quite difficult to align the face and your body correctly, as the ball is a good distance away from you causing your optics to change. 

This distance between you and the ball puts you in a position where you are looking even more side on to it. 

I often see students address the ball too far out of the toe of the clubface. 

Why is this?

Well because of this side on view of the ball and its elevated position on the tee peg, it optically appears in the middle of the clubface when in fact it isn’t.

To counter this problem, try hovering the club head so the ball is directly opposite the center of the face then slowly lower the head straight down to the ground.

Aligning the face square to your intended target is also even more vital with the driver.

The further you hit the ball the more accurate it needs to be.

Aiming a few degrees off target over a longer distance will not help your chances of keeping it on the fairway.

Ninja Tip

Try putting an alignment line on your ball and position it on the tee inline with your target but parallel to your eyes to help align correctly.

Note the line on the ball is facing toward your eyes